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Small Group

The 28 Day Challenge

At Body Hub we want to help you to become the best version of yourself, that’s why on our small group transformation membership we guarantee that in just 28 days you will:

  • Increase your confidence.

  • Tone up and reduce fat.

  • Feel great about yourself.

  • Gain the motivation you've been looking for.

  • Receive a huge energy boost.

  • Feel the love and support of the Body Hub community.


Small Group Transformation

Our Small Group Personal Training model is perfect for all ages, abilities and health and fitness goals. SGPT is increasing in popularity because you get all the benefits of working with a highly qualified personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost. We limit the numbers to no more than 6 members in each session creating the ideal training environment. Limiting the number means we can focus on improving your technique, motivate you to work to your full potential and create a supportive environment where you can thrive in your training. 

Small Group Personal Training has been found to be more effective when compared to training one-to-one with a PT and the benefits include:

  • Motivation – Working out with like-minded people and having friendly competition against other Body Hub members.

  • Accountability – Having training partners that want you to come to the gym to workout increases your engagement.

  • Personal Attention – You’ll get quality feedback and input from our coaches that you simply don’t get in sessions with large numbers.

  • Support/Advice – At Body Hub we’re a community and we share our successes and failures to help support others. You’re never alone.

  • Adherence – Everything we have highlighted above is why our members stay with us and make changes for life, not just short term.


Personal Trainer - Owner

Stefan Quirk

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