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🎶 Excited for the next Bootcamp session! 🏋️‍♂️ Send me your Spotify playlists via DM, and hear it in your next Bootcamp session. 🎵 #BootcampBeats #FitnessPlaylist #CommunityCollaboration

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I can't run the Festive 10k in Wilmslow this Sunday, let me know if anyone wants my place 🏃‍♀️

Emily Bates

Our brand new small group personal training studio is finished and the first group of 6 week transformations begin today! Don’t worry if you’ve not been enrolled yet as we’re continuing to call people today so keep an eye on your phones and answer the call. For those who haven’t applied yet, head over to the ‘small group PT’ page of the website.

Matthew Edwards
Emma McIntosh

We’re looking for four people wanting to transform their body.

Introducing our new small group personal training program, the 6 week transformation.

We’ll be putting you into teams of 4 like minded people to undergo a 6 week transformation, training twice per week with one of our expert personal trainers.

The package will include training sessions, nutrition pack and our new Body Hub training app to help you track your results.

If you’re interested in losing weight, toning up and feeling great, then fill out the enquiry form online. Go to the ‘small group personal training’ page of the website.

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